Shifting with Shamans,
Seeing with your Heart in Peru

June 28 – July 7, 2018

Are you ready for REAL transformation?

Yearning to reclaim your health, vitality and connection with Mother Earth? Ready to embrace your infinite potential through ancient and modern shamanic ceremony? Then join us in Peru as we utilize some of the most potent energy portals on earth create REAL transformation!

Sensing the powerful crystal-grid energies beneath your feet, your heart pounds with excitement. In this moment, surrounded by the magical qualities of the sacred site of Machu Picchu, you can feel yourself absorbing the potent light that is beginning to awaken all of humanity.

Inhaling the sweet, pungent scent of sage as the smoke is swirling around you cleanses your auric field. You take in the light and the steady beat of the drum and rattle, as you begin to travel within yourself, deep within your heart. There, aligning with your own truth, you clearly feel for the first time the very source of your own personal power and intention.

In the next moment, as you connect with Pachamama, the Mother Earth, you are washed with a sense of wonder and gratitude for everything around you — for the mountains, animals, plants, elements, ancestors, Great Spirit and all of Creation. As you make this divine connection, you sense a profound shift occurring deep within. And silently, gratefully, you realize that your life will never be the same.

As you feel the gentle breeze caress your face on the edge of the clear sapphire blue waters of Lake Titicca, you recognize the grandeur of this magnificent lake known as the 2nd chakra of earth. The water shimmers and you hear the soft gentle sound of the waters lapping onto the shore. You feel your creativity emerge and you radiate this life pulse energy as it moves through you. You embrace this sacred lake, connecting with the womb of mother Earth and all of humanity.

Now imagine In the evening you are sitting under a clear, crisp, bright, Milky Way laden sky with a cup of hot coca leaf tea as the cup warms your hands, you catch your breath as you see the Southern Cross for the first time.

Welcome to your journey to the sacred!

Here is a little taste of what you will experience!

  • Through Despacho ceremony, you will learn to align yourself to be in “right relationship” with nature and the spirit world so your life functions with ease, grace, health and abundance.
  • You will receive direct Karpay transmissions of wisdom, power and energy from the ancient Q’ero lineage that has been passed down for thousands of years to strengthen your intuition and healing abilities.
  • Learn the art of Journeying or deepen your practice, to gain greater access your own inner Truth and wisdom.
  • Release limited beliefs, things that no longer serve you and hold you back from your magnificence, so you can easily move forward in life.
  • Expand your consciousness through alchemistic ceremonies, transmissions, journeys, meditations and healings to regain and remember your inherent wholeness.
  • Harness the power of intention by aligning yourself with your heart, mother earth, nature, power animals, the elements, to manifest your heart’s desires.
  • Expedite your own personal transformation through the energies of potent ancient sacred sites and ceremonies.
  • Discover how to directly access your inner guidance and intuition so you can make better decisions in your daily life and become your own Spiritual Authority.
  • Open to your own innate healing powers and gifts so that you can heal you own mind, body, spirit and others.


Connect with potent energy sites to expedite your transformation. Experience an ultimate connection with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Divine though the energies of powerful sacred sites, including Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca.

Daily, alchemistic ceremonies, journeys, meditations and healings. We will be working daily with an authentic high priest Shaman of the Q’ero lineage from the Andes Mountains and Cara as they help facilitate your healing and transformation.

You will receive Karpay initiations and transmissions of wisdom, power and energy through High Priest Shaman, Don Alipo from the ancient Q’ero lineage that has been passed down for thousands of years.

Select handmade textiles that resonate with you, to create your very own healing mesa.

Wonderful accommodations, many with luxurious spa services and incredibly delicious Peruvian meals.

Magical and magnificent constellations, a night sky filled with the milky-way as far as you can see, the regal southern cross and other constellations only visible in the southern hemisphere.

We will have one of the most knowledgeable guides in Peru, Rony Camasa who is an art and history expert of the Inca culture and speaks many languages, including the ancient language of Quechua.

A personalized coca leaf reading from Shaman Don Alipo. A tradition and practice passed down in his family for generations.

This sounds amazing already!


Please note, itinerary is subject to change.

Day 1: Cusco

A late morning (9:30 am) flight brings you to Cusco, the Holy City, capital of the Incan Empire. Cusco is situated 11,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains. You will be greeted with a warm hug and whisked to the Sacred Valley to begin our journey. We are absolutely thrilled you are here!!

Along our scenic drive we will get a chance to introduce ourselves and go over some of the logistics. We will arrive at the lovely Hotel Casona de Yucay Sacred Valley. The hotel is located in the Sacred Valley, with it’s breathtaking vistas, mountains, and views of Urubamba River. Urubamba, although 2,000 feet lower in altitude than Cusco, still requires time to acclimate. When we arrive at the hotel we will have lunch and will drink local coca tea, which will help our bodies adjust to the altitude. You will have time to rest and freshen up before our fabulous welcome dinner. Casona de Yucay Hotel has lovely gardens, mountain views, delicious food, and optional massage therapy.

Day 2: Chinchero Ruins and Market

After a delicious breakfast we will venture out to the colorful market and ruins of Chinchero. This market offers a wonderful opportunity to buy woven goods, wall hangings, rugs, pottery, and many other types of handicrafts, as well as wonderful photographic opportunities. Observe the traditionally dressed campesinos coming to barter and sell their produce at the market.

We’ll visit an artisan’s workshop where expert weavers demonstrate the process of dyeing alpaca, llama, sheave, and wool textiles using natural and organic vegetables and minerals in the way the Quechuas (Incas) did hundreds of years ago.

We will also explore the ancient city of Chinchero which was occupied by the Wari culture well before the Inca’s. Observe the remains of shrines and rock sculptures of puma’s and the wall with large trapezoidal niches big enough to stand up in.

For lunch, we will be treated to a Peruvian feast at the Muña restaurant. Muña is no ordinary restaurant, offering a culinary and cultural experience appealing to the five senses, Wayra introduces guests to the flavors of the Sacred Valley.


After a fabulous Peruvian lunch we will participate in a Despacho Ceremony:

There are hundreds of different types, but in the simplest terms they are offerings to Mother Nature who the Q’ero call Pachamama and the mountain spirits, called Apus. Performing a Despacho ceremony is similar to prayer and places an individual into an ayni based relationship with both the spirit world and the natural world.

Ayni is a form of reciprocity, and by offering food, sweets and intentions prayers will be granted. One of the great differences of the Q’ero belief system is that one needs to be in a “right relationship” with our environment and that of the spirit world for life to function properly. To the Q’ero the earth and the mountains are living beings and in order for the system to work, one must take care of oneself, the spirits and the planet.

If one of those elements are not nourished, then eventually life will not be able to be maintained and sustained in a healthy and abundant way.

In the evening, we will rest and drink local coca tea, which will help our bodies adjust to the altitude. Casona de Yucay Hotel has lovely gardens, mountain views, delicious food, and optional massage therapy. Tonight will be our chance to get to know each other better.

Meals: breakfast, lunch (Wayra restaurant Urubamba)
Night at: Casona de Yucay Sacred Valley

Day 3: Opening Ceremony at Moray

After delicious breakfast, we will drive to the ancient ruins of Moray, an Inca site with circular terraces which used to create exceptional conditions or micro climates that fostered domestication, acclimatization and hybridization of a wide array of wild vegetable species that were modified or adapted for human consumption. Here our Andean master will instruct us in walking exercises and a meditation in this amazing power center.

Moray, is the temple of the Mother Earth, here we will have a ceremony of Pampa Mesayoc Karpay: It consist in a transmission of energy of the lineages of the Mother Earth including but not limited to the plants/ devic (nature) realms, animal, elemental, and mineral kingdoms. You will connect with the Oneness of all life.


After a scrumptious lunch we will depart to visit the impressive salt pools formed by water emerging from a lake within the mountains of the Urubamba Valley. Here we will have a chance to soak our feet on the salty water as a part of a cleansing ceremony, also here you can purchase some medicinal salt for future ceremonies.

After the tour, we will go back to the Sacred Valley for lunch and then to the Hotel. Before dinner, Cara will lead you in a journey to create a sacred place and to meet your spirit guides.

Meals: breakfast, lunch
Night at: Casona de Yucay Sacred Valley

Day 4: Sacred Valley - Pisac Ruins – Animal Sanctuary

Here we will walk by the ruins visiting the most important Inca temples. Here Alipo will give as a ceremony of Apu Karpay, which is consist in ceremony orientated to bring in the energy of the sacred mountains (Apus). This ceremony accesses the inter-dimensional deities of the Apus. You will have free time to meditate and relax at this Inca temple.

Afterwards we will continue to the colorful Incan market of Pisac, which is a remaining part of the system of commercialization practiced by the ancient cultures in Peru. We will share with you the art of bargaining with the locals.


Here we will have a tasty lunch, also you will be able to visit the shaman store were you can purchase sacred items for future ceremonies.

Before we head back to the hotel we will visit the animal sanctuary called Cochocwasi here we will see the enigmatic power animals Condor and Puma.

In the afternoon we will return to the Sacred Valley where Cara will lead a powerful journey to connect with your power animals. Power animals are a great source of protection and power in your life.

Meals: breakfast, lunch
Night at: Night at Casona de Yucay Sacred Valley

Day 5: Machu Picchu – Cusco

Rise and Shine my lovelies! We will be up and out by 6:00 am. We will catch the train and travel to the town of Aguas Calientes, a modern and comfortable rail coach along the rushing Urubamba River with panoramic views of the lush vegetation, river and mountains.

You are almost there! We will take a short bus ride to the top where lush forest straddles the mountains as we ascend to the great Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

Our encounter with Machu Picchu will begin with a meditation and connection with the energy of this crystal city, afterwards our guide will show as the most important temples and altars of Machu Picchu.


Also, there is the optional climb to the top of Machu Picchu, where you will have a glorious view of the entire archeological site. Another hike brings you to the Temple of the Moon located on the backside of Huayna Picchu. These hikes can be quite challenging and arduous, especially if you live at sea-level. If you prefer to be less active, you can take a leisure walk to the Intipunko (Gate of the Sun) or simply wander around the site at your own pace, letting your own intuition draw to you specific temples and altars throughout Machu Picchu.

In the afternoon, we will meet together for mouthwatering lunch then we will mosey back and take the afternoon train to the Sacred Valley. We will arrive in the early evening to our amazing hotel.

After dinner, we are going gather to have a group meditation and an individualized session of a Coca leaves reading.

Meals: breakfast, lunch
Night at: Casona de Yucay Sacred Valley

Day 6: Cusco city tour

After a yummy breakfast, in the morning hours we will head to the magical city of Cusco, upon arrival we will check in at the Hotel Costa Del Sol Cusco. You have the morning free to explore or just to rest and relax and have a leisurely lunch.

Around 2:30 pm we are off to explore and start the tour of the most representative expressions of the Inca architecture and Spanish colonial art in the city.


These include:

* Sacsaywaman – one of the most important religious center of the Inca’s. Considered the house of the Sun during the Inca’s time. Here we will have a chance cross the Pakarina (reborn tunnel which consist in an ancient cleansing ceremony practiced by the healers who had lived at this temple.

* Koricancha – Considered the most important temple of the Inca people. Here we will have a chance to meditate and relax in the ceremonial patio of this temple.

* Cathedral – The cathedral is very interesting expression between the very different two religions. It is an intermingling of sacredness between Incas earth and sky based spirituality and the Spaniard’s Catholicism. Here the tour guide will point out the distinctions in the paintings, art objects, architecture and carvings within the Cathedral.

This afternoon we will participate of an Alto Mesayoc Karpay Ceremony of the Kawsaypacha, (word of living energy) and it lineages – on a cosmic level of consciousness.

In the evening we will be treated to a magnificent show of the local culture and to a delectable dinner of signature Peruvian dishes.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner with show
Night at: Costa del Sol Hotel Cusco

Day 7: Cusco – Puno - Aramu Muru

This morning we will hop on a domestic flight to the town of Puno. When we arrive we will be whisked to our fabulous hotel located in the historical down town of Puno.

This afternoon we will drive to Aramu Muru. It is certainly one of the most mystical places in Lake Titicaca, in Hayu Marca. There is an enigmatic gate carved in a one big Stone located in the middle of the rocky formations, also this place is a reference for many mystical people around the World. It is considered “A gateway to the lands of the gods”.

Aramu Muru’s gate located in a fantastic place among rocky formations, here we will have a ceremony of reconnection with the three segments of life of the earth.

Our tour to Aramu Muru does have interesting stops on the way. The first stop is in Chucuito village, a colonial town, near is The Temple of Inca Uyo which has more than 20 penises carved in stone, thought to be related with the fertility and creation.

After visiting these wonderful and mysterious sacred sites, we will return to the bustling town of Puno.

Meals: breakfast, lunch
Night at: Libertador Hotel – Puno

Day 8: Puno – (Lake Titicaca)

Today we are going to visit the highest lake in the world, Lake Titicaca (3800 m or 12,500 ft. above sea level). On the way to the Islands, you will visit the Floating Islands of Uros, where the friendly locals continue to practice their traditional way of life, living by fishing. They are situated 4 km from Puno, the original inhabitants of these floating islands are said to descend from one of the most ancient peoples of the Americas. Their dwellings made of Totora reed, and are built on the surface of Titicaca Lake.


You will continue to Taquile Island, a place where time appears to have stood still. Around 350 Quechua-speaking families live here, operating a collective agricultural system dating from the 14th Century and world renowned for their textiles – beautifully woven chumpis (belts), chullos (caps), and ojotas (sandals).

In the afternoon we will arrive back at the luxurious hotel, Casa Andina Private Collection Puno, you will have time to relax at the Andean Spa.

Meals: breakfast, lunch
Night at: Libertador Hotel – Puno

DAY 9: kayaking on Lake Titicaca

After a wonderful breakfast we will make our way around to the port of Peninsula of Capa Chica. We arrive at Santa Maria – Llachon, and will be greeted by the gracious staff of Titicaca Kayak Company. After the safety briefing by the specialized guide, we will get fitted with our kayak equipment. We will leisurely paddle along the beautiful coast of the Peninsula of Capachica. The landscape is amazing and unique scenes and photo opportunities of wildlife, farming & fishing communities, and of course the magnificent beauty of Lake Titicaca. This will be an unforgettable experience.

Lake Titicaca
is a sacred place for the Inca civilization, as the Incan mythology says that the first Inca king, Manco Capac, was born here. According to the Incan mythology, this is the place where the world was created from, when the god Viracocha came out of the lake and created the sun, the stars and the first people.

We will enjoy a short walk along the breath-taking Llachon coast to observe nature and the local culture. After, lunch we will head back to Puno. We will have time to relax and freshen up before our scrumptious farewell dinner.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Night at: Casa Andina Private Collection Puno

DAY 10: Puno – Juliaca – Lima

After enjoying a delicious buffet breakfast, we will say our goodbyes and end the journey with a big hug and head to the airport to begin your journey home.

Meals: breakfast

Holy Pachamama!!

What’s Included

❖ 5 Nights Casona de Yucay Sacred Valley
❖ 1 Night Costa del Sol Cusco
❖ 3 Nights Libertador Hotel – Puno

❖ Cusco – Chinchero weaver’s tour
❖ Opening ceremony Moray
❖ Pisac tour
❖ Animal Sanctuary tour
❖ Machu Picchu tour, including train ticket
❖ Cusco City tour
❖ Puno Aramu Muru tour
❖ Titicaca Lake Islands tour
❖ Kayak Titicaca lake tour *details below

Note: All tours include private transportation and private guide assistance.

❖ All entrance tickets are included to the archeological places, natural parks, and attractions described in the schedule.
❖ Train ticket to Machu Picchu

❖ Breakfast is included everyday
❖ 8 Lunches
❖ 3 Dinners

❖ Group Ceremonies
❖ Journeys
❖ Individual coca leaves reading

Kayak Tour:
❖ Experienced guides, certified by the ACA American Canoe Association (the only ones in the region).
❖ Safety talk & basic paddling instructions before every departure.
❖ Full sea kayak equipment: spray skirts for protection, personal flotation device,
❖ Boots, paddle jacket, Hydro skin mambas, Whistles, paddle. (NRS and Harmony USA)
❖ High quality double and single sea kayaks (Perception, USA) with pedal rudders.
❖ Support – rescue motor boat to assist the participants, always nearby.
❖ Snack: energy bars and water.

What’s Not Included

  • Your round trip airfare from home
  • Airport transfers outside of June 2 or June 11 (if you come in early or leave later)
  • Domestic flight from Cusco to Puno/ Puno to Lima (approx. $300)
  • Additional food or drink (other than our planned meals together) or alcohol
  • Any attractions or activities not specifically listed
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (required)
  • Medical expenses
  • Hospitalization and evacuation from remote areas, and additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, political disputes, sickness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our control
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, incidentals, personal phone calls, additional spa services, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)
  • Spa treatments and spa tips
  • Taxis not otherwise listed
  • Other non-included items would be: any other activities, individual healing sessions (with Alipo or Cara), and tours not included in our package
  • Additional tips for the staff

This trip looks incredible...

Your Trip Leader

Cara Andershock is a powerful healer, speaker, teacher and coach who leads spiritually conscious individuals on retreats around the world. Through her own personal “journey to the sacred” and walking with her former partner who was dealing with advanced symptoms of MS, she was able to circumnavigate the medical maze and see the tremendous benefits of holistic medicine. Cara’s advanced training, education and experience in both traditional and energy medicine coupled with life coaching, enables her to walk with you on your own “journey to the sacred” so you can create a life of vibrant health and happiness.

Learn more about Cara.

Where do I begin? How does one put into words a life changing journey? My experience with Cara and Journeys to the Sacred was a beautiful combination of transformation, spiritual growth, deep inner exploration and connection to my fellow travelers. There is something very magical that happens when a leader like Cara creates a journey.

She has a beautiful gift of being present and holding space for one’s personal journey while at the same time creating and holding the space for the needs of a group. Her gentle way of creating this type of experience created a sense of love, safety, healing and connection for me that I will never forget. Whether you are experiencing a time of change, not sure what your next step is, wanting to create new connections or just want to gift yourself with an amazing experience, I highly recommend a journey with Cara and Journeys to the Sacred.

Kim Stanford

Cara is a passionate trip leader. I spent a couple weeks with Cara in Spain and I experienced a positive change in my life as a result. Her dedication to the success of the trip was palpable and transformational. We hiked the El Camino and stayed in a new location every night, so the change in accommodations was very constant. It was such a relief to know and trust that everything was taken care of and my job was to have fun and enjoy. All the details were carefully laid out and the communication was remarkable. I traveled alone, so safety and communication was important to me. Cara exceeded my expectations. I look forward to many more journeys with Cara!

Heather Jacoby

I am ready to go to Peru!


Cara Andershock | | 919-608-1153


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