Thank you Cara, for a wonderful session. I felt great last night, and have had more energy today than I’ve had in weeks! You have the magic touch!

Michelle N.

AureliaA I was so sick and weak from my cancer treatments when I first saw Cara. Immediately after my first healing session, I felt more energy and more alive. Each day I feel better and better and I am able to do a little more each day. I now feel more confident and capable to make my own decisions regarding my health care instead of being driven by fear. I believed life had thrown me under the bus, but with Cara’s help, I made the decision to drive the bus. Thank you for the excellent care, you have made a big difference in my life.

Aurelia Altman

Anxiety Relieved!

I have been experiencing anxiety attacks for the past couple years. The attacks have been so debilitating at times. They had became extremely disruptive and inconvenient in everyday life. Cara did an energy healing session with me and the session was amazing.

I felt complete bliss and comfort and it was very therapeutic. Cara helped me feel at ease and walked me through several helpful deep breathing techniques. The integration after the session, has been unbelievably transformational. My experience has been cumulative in that it continues to get better. After a course of about a week post session, my anxiety was gone.

Yes, GONE! I am completely grateful for Cara and her amazing abilities to help me naturally release anxiety. I am Looking forward to continuing my healing sessions with Cara.

Heather Jacoby

I have been extremely fortunate to experience Cara’s powerful gift through her healings on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Cara’s commitment, her integrity, her effortless intention and love radiated through her healings on me. She really supported me without any judgment. Cara is a powerful, compassionate and extremely accurate healer and anyone that is lucky to cross paths with her will benefit for the better!

Anna O'Loughlin

LauraD As a client and having had the privilege of being treated by Cara, I would love to share my rewarding experience. First off, Cara is genuine and her soft and gentle demeanor provided me with an inner peace, comfort and love. Secondly, after only one session, she completely healed my ankle! In addition, I left our meeting feeling balance and contentment in my whole body. You can sense Cara truly enjoys her gift in how she interacts with others and she certainly possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. I personally look forward to working again with Cara in the near future.

Laura D.

In a recent healing with Cara, I was amazed at her ability to truly listen to what was happening in my body and immediately go where she was being guided to work. She has incredible intuition and heals with an open heart. After the healing I felt more open, grounded, and supported on my journey of personal transformation. I trust Cara unconditionally and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to go deeper, learn more about yourself, or just want to be more present in your life. Cara is an incredible healer!!!

Jennifer O’Brien Payeur

Cara is such a blessed and compassionate healer. In just a few sessions, my lifelong anxiety has decreased significantly and I am enjoying my life again. She is an empathetic listener, understanding, extremely intuitive, a true professional, but most importantly, a genuinely warm human being who connects with you person to person and facilitates healing on all levels. I would recommend Cara to anyone in a heartbeat- she is truly amazing!

Joy Campagna

Cara has a great gift of being able to integrate her vast knowledge of spirituality and the human body to really zero in on health issues and have very positive results. Her healing hands – and more importantly her compassionate, intuitive, supportive and beautiful heart, supported me in my healing process and made it a much less daunting journey.

Randall Segal

Cara’s healing hands helped me reduce the pain I was experiencing in my back and neck. She created a safe and compassionate space for healing and her knowledge of energy medicine techniques greatly facilitated my own body to maximize its healing potential. Thank you Cara for an extraordinary healing experience – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Leah H. Hudson

Cara’s healings over the past four years have provided me profound awareness, healing, and expansion beyond what I thought possible. She embodies the best combination of open heart and clear mindedness. She is a truly gifted healer.

Kelley Hails, MD, FACEP, ABIHM

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